Birth Announcements and children of our friends.

This page is full of Birth Announcements from our friends and family that have had children recently or not.  Send me your pictures and info on when they were born.  They are in order of the date the kids were born.  ???? means somebody's prego!

Click on the links to the right of the dates to see the kids. 

June 2003 - Baby Reese

12/24/2002 - Jacob Reiley Cannavo

12/05/2002 - Jumaris Daniela Hernandez

09/05/2002 - Conner Michael Anderson

02/02/2002 - Charles Stanley

04/23/2002 - Nicole Wagner

02/03/2002 - Conner Daniels

2002 - Tyler and Gehrig Rios

Mary Bystrycki

12/20/2001 - Ashley Elizibeth Rogers

06/24/2001 - Alexis Marie LoVuolo 

04/29/2001 - Andrew Mollo 

10/15/2000 - Allison Danielle Decristofaro

03/31/1999 - Maguire and Madison Balke

02/00/1998 - Mary Katherine Gormley

12/29/1998 - Kyle Ingles

08/15/1997 - Cassidy Wagner

12/19/1997 - Courtney Mollo

10/18/1997 - Sarah Rose Bystrycki









Jacob Reiley Cannavo
Born on 12/24/2002 at 12:31 a.m. 9 Pounds 15.1 oz. and 22 inches
Jake is pictured solo on the left while on the right his mother Sarah keeps an eye on Aunt Sue Gormley.
Look at all that hair!!


Jumaris Daniela Hernandez
Born on December 5th, 2002
6 Pounds, 15 Ounces at 
6:16 a.m. 19.5 Inches

Daugher of Ivelisse and Frank J.




Connor Michael Anderson
September 5, 2002



Charles Stanley
Born on 02/02/2002 - That's a cool birth date all deuces!
We're going to have to nickname him snake eyes or deueces wild!
9 pounds, 21 inches long



Nicole Elizabeth Wagner born April 23, 2002 at 5:20 PM.  A 7 pounder.  She's pictured on the left solo and on the right in Daddy's arms.
Daddy and Nicole go to the same barber.


Tyler and Gehrig Rios
Future World League Linebackers



Ashley Elizbeth Rogers at 6 weeks old
Born 12-20-01
8 pounds, 3 ounces, 21 Inches long



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Pictured above to the left is Alexis Marie LoVuolo and to the right - - there she is again with Daddy.  Ralph LoVuolo.
Ralph and Tracy live left Pittsburgh and are now in NJ.  If you would like to be on Ralph's weekly mailing about mortgages just email
him at



Pictured above: Andrew  Everett Mollo born on April 29th, 2001.
Parents: Everett and Barb Mollo.  (Barbara "Gormley" Mollo)  Barb is my cousin and has a daugter as well.  They live in Connecticut.



Allison Danielle DeCristofaro born October 15, 2000
Pictured above: Allison Danielle DeCristofaro born on October 15, 2000 at 7:03 am
7 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches
Parents Scot and Doreen DeCristofaro

Scot, Doreen and Allison were seen on "THE LEARNING CHANNEL"
on the show "The Baby Story".  For a copy of this video send your orders to and for $25.00 plus shipping and handling we'll send you a copy.


Pictured above: Maguire Cole Balke and Madison Grace Balke were born on March 31, 1999. At birth Maguire weighed 5lb 11oz and was 19.25 inches long,  and Madison weighed 5lb 9oz and
was 19 inches long. The parents are Renee and Pete Balke.


Pictured above: Cassidy Wagner born on August 15th, 1997 and her mother Debbie.  The proud father is Randy Wagner.


Pictured above:  This is Joseph J. Gormley III and his youngest sister Mary Katherine Gormley born on February ? , 1998?.  I have to check.  The Parents are Joseph J. Gormley Jr. and Paula Gormley.


Pictured above:  The eldest child of Everett and Barbara Mollo.  Her name is Courtney Mollo and she was born on 12/19/97.   Her brother Andrew is pictured on this page as well.  Do you want to see pictures from Courtney's latest birthday party?  Click here!

Pictured above:  Sarah Rose Bystrycki born on October 18th, 1997 at 11:08 pm.  6 pounds, 4 1/2 ounces, 19 inches.  The parents are Bob and Stephanie Bystrycki.


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Pictured above: Kyle Ingles born on 12/29/1998 .
Parents: Rich and Christine Ingles of the Delran, NJ Ingles.  The Pittsburgh and New York Ingles have yet to produce any offspring.  Get busy you guys!


Pictured above: Conner Daniels on the left and again with his proud father Tom on the right.  Tom why didn't you send any pics of Denise?  She did all the work you know!  Conner was born on February 3rd, 2002.  He was a whopping 21 inches, 7 pounds and 14 ounces.
And again below, Conner reacts to his being featured on!